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ACS abuse and neglect cases 

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When the Administration of Childrens Services (ACS) gets involved in your families lives, it can be stressful and confusing times.

The state can step in if a parent is abusing or neglecting a child. ACS is tasked in helping families get services to help prevent any abuse or neglect from happening again or from continuing. However the process can often times be very antagonistic and once you are before a court defending yourself, it can be even more stressful. The lines between help and accusations can blur.

Typically, once a call is made to the state central registry, there is an investigation into the allegations which should last approximately sixty (60) days after which time a determination is made whether the allegations are founded (indicated) or unfounded. During this investigation, ACS could determine that the allegations are serious enough to bring legal action against a parent. 

Once an action is commenced in the court, a petition is filed outlining the allegations against the parent. There is an attorney representing the Administration for Children’s Services as well as attorney(s) assigned to represent the children. This is why it is crucial that a parent also have an attorney to represent and defend them in these serious action. 

Once a petition is filed, ACS could agree to allow the children to remain with a parent so long as ACS can supervise the family, put services in place and the parent is cooperative. The other option is that ACS could seek to remand your child(ren), meaning that your children are removed from your care and paced in foster care. Once your children are placed in foster care it is vital that a parent work quickly to have his or her child returned. There are Federal law (ASFA) which state that once a child is placed in foster care for a period of 15 out of 22 months and has not been returned, then the foster care agency is required to file a termination of a parents parental rights in order to free that child for adoption.

Every abuse and neglect case and family situation is different, therefore each must be handled with skill, knowledge and compassion. Having previously prosecuted termination of parental rights, Ganolli Law is experienced and knowledge in all that it takes to successfully reunify a family. I am sensitive to the issues parents face. My ultimate goal is to work toward your child's best interest while keeping your family together.

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