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Real Estate Closing 

Many people question why they need an attorney to purchase or sell a home.

The contract and closing process can be a very lengthy and tedious process but an attorney experienced in real estate practice will help will make closing on a home smoother and faster. Ganolli Law represents clients through every step of the Real Estate closing process.


In addition to the buyer’s and seller’s attorneys, an attorney representing the lender and a real estate agent will also likely be present at the closing. Typically, the title closer will clear final objections to the title insurance, determine pay-off amounts and prepare documents for filing. Meanwhile, the buyer’s and seller’s attorney will determine any credits due the parties. The lender’s attorney will complete a closing statement including closing costs and make funds available to the purchaser. The buyer’s attorney will explain mortgage documents while the buyer executes them. The seller’s attorney will prepare the deed and real estate transfer tax documents.


Ganolli Law has experience representing both buyers and sellers in Real Estate closings. The firm will work closely with you throughout the closing process, making sure you have all the necessary materials and fully understand every step of the closing process. The firm works hard to ensure that your Real Estate transaction is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.

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