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Foster Care Adoptions

Once a child becomes free for adoption, the foster parent should hire an attorney to help them with the adoption process.

The adoption paperwork can be confusing and cumbersome, that’s why having a trusted and experienced attorney on your side will make this process smooth and the joy that adoption is all about.

Typically, children in foster care have been in the foster care system for much longer than anyone hopes. This means that foster parents have been dealing with lots of pressures and demands all while providing such an amazing, invaluable love and security to a child while in their homes. The adoption is the end of a very long road and should be the happy time.


Once hired, Ganolli Law steps right in to coordinate all of the documents needed from the foster care agency. All this coordination happens between the attorney and the agency, leaving the client will less stress and pressure. Once the legal paperwork is compiled and put together then the next step is filing the paperwork with the Court.

Having an experienced an attorney like Ganolli Law continues to make the process seamless. Ganolli Law has great relationships with court personnel. Once the paperwork is approved then finally a date is set for the adoption to be finalized.

At the finalization, of the adoption, it is often filled with both sighs of relief for the conclusions to the long road of the child and foster parents experience with foster care as well as many tears of joy at the amazing event that’s occurring. The feeling is surreal to know that at long last a forever family has been created. 

If you are a foster parent and want to have an experienced attorney help guide you through the adoption process, call Ganolli Law now.

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