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An Uncontested Divorce simply means not contested. Typically this is when the parties have come to common ground and agree to all of the terms of the divorce. The issues commonly contested, or argued, in divorces are:whether both spouses want to get divorcedthe grounds for divorce (i.e., irretrievable breakdown, adultery, abandonment, cruel and inhuman treatment)the division of assets or liabilitieschild support, custody and visitationwhether one spouse will receive maintenance or alimonyThe most cost effective way to get a divorce isto proceed with an uncontested divorce. At Ganolli Law, we always encourage our clients to first attempt to resolve the issues amongst themselves. Thereafter, Ganolli Law can draft all of the paperwork and agreements to formalize the parties understanding. This can avoid the costly and emotional process involved with a contested divorce which puts all the issues in front of a 
judge for decision. Instead of having a stranger tell you what to do, its always best to try to resolve your affairs with your spouse first. If you need any guidance or advice about your rights and how to best approach your spouse for an uncontested divorce, contact Ganolli Law now.

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