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Child  Support 

                                                                           New York child support

Any New York child support attorney can tell you, one of the most important components of any family law case involving children, aside from visitation, is that of supporting the children. Support is the court-ordered financial maintenance of a child. Child support laws legally obligate a parent to support their child whether or not they have custody of them and apply equally to children born in or out of wedlock. Generally speaking, a parent is obligated to support their child until they turn twenty one years of age, though exceptions do apply. The New York Child Support guidelines are used by the Court's to determine what a non-custodial parents child support obligation will be. While settlement agreements are acceptable to the courts that involve lump sum payments, child support is an ordered maintenance of support that can be revisited when changes in income or circumstance occur. Most parents want to see that their children are well-take care of in the divorce and will work closely with their partner to ensure that the child or children’s needs are met fully. 

However, from time to time, there will be situations where one party disagrees with the amount that it takes to raise the child and provide for his or her needs, and in these cases the court uses legal statutes as a basis for deciding the maintenance amount required for that child or children in the home. The basic child support guidelines in New York have an annual cap on combined parental income up to $143,000 (number can change). Some factors that the Court will consider can be found here. New York child support lawyers can go over your finances with you and help you figure out what the child support payments would be like using NYC calculations. For more details on Child Support in New York.

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