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    Kreuza Ganolli Attorney at Law

"A Breath of Fresh Air"


Posted by Joseph Gamez
March 15, 2020

"I've had on and off custody and support cases regarding my son for the past 16 years. I've a had about 4 lawyers, most of whom I've fired for their lack of attention, skill and professionalism. One of them I hired after reading the plethora of awesome reviews on this website. I figured she'd surely deserve the exorbitant retainer she asked for...she didn't. I fired her. Frustrated, I asked a friend for a reference and along came Ms. Ganolli. She is in a class by herself. No exaggeration, she clearly is a conscientiously professional attorney who takes her specialized craft very seriously. She is very gracious with the opposing attorney and their client. She is clearly in command in the courtroom. She'll gracefully and respectfully guide the judge and opposing attorney through the proceedings. After walking out of a courtroom recently, I literally asked her if she charged the opposing attorney for the lessons she had just provided him with as she was correcting and explaining the errors in his representations. It is the first time in all these years of cases that I felt confident in the lawyer who was representing me and my son. She is to be studied by law students who want to learn to be effective. Stop searching and contact her to be your attorney. You'll be glad you did."

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